The Time-Space Continuum By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


A detailed discussion of the phenomenon of Space-Time has been presented with direct reference to light, and its ‘Torus Effect,’ parallel dimensions, Omni-earths, holographic timeline programs, the grid, ‘time-gate vectors.’ time acceleration, and ascension. It is elaborated that time is illusive in nature, and that there are certain vectors on the planet at which time anomaly can and often do occur. It is elucidated that dematerialization of matter to antimatter, time-gate vectors, and utilization of Phi crystals are some mechanisms through which teleportation and time travel may be achieved. However, detailed considerations of these phenomena has been postponed and reverted to discourse and publication elsewhere.


  • Time and space are both aspects of the same phenomenon (light).Space-Time Program Server
  • Of the two, time is the more liquid aspect of light that is able to move more freely without being congealed, set, or constrained.
  • Space, however, is ‘congealed’ time that holds the kinetic format of the matrix within duality.
  • Accordingly, time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow.
  • The way space-time continuum operates is that there are two possibilities for its mode of operation:
  • (1) Either you are fixed in time and can move in space to experiment with things and experience ‘life,’ or
  • (2) You are fixed in space and move in time.
  • The former is the status quo for our existence in the physical duality of earth.
  • As for the latter, it occurs in our super-consciousness, sub-consciousness (e.g.,  dream state).
  • The component being conjugate with time during super-consciousness/sub-conscious endeavors or dream state is what is referred to as “innerspace” that occupies WITHIN.
  • Remember that ALL THAT THERE IS and can ever be, or ever transpire, is consciousness.
  • Consciousness is the ALL Mighty’s gift to us and describes our very existence.
  • Thought is its driving force and mind is its builder.5000 thoughts a day
  • Both space and time occur though the ‘harmonic flash’ of consciousness units through mechanisms of respectively inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter via black holes and white holes, and vice-versa.
  • The inward-outward harmonic flash is the point in which space and time dissolve and merge into a homogeneous foam and becomes conscious energy units.
  • The conscious units are then reformed into matter and antimatter as they are pulled in and projected out in the harmonic flash via black holes and white holes, respectively.
  • This process is fully conservative (without any dissipation of energy), being totally recoverable, and utterly reversible and cyclic.
  • This process may be referred to as a ‘harmonic cycle.’

‘The Torus Effect’

  • The ‘space’ aspect of light allows for the separation of purposeful illusory programs of sequential time measures.
  • The harmonic flash determines the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime.
  • The ‘micro-flash’ occurs at a rate approximated closely by the “Planck Number,” which is equal to 10-43  seconds.
  • At this point, time and space merge and become nonlinear and the ‘Torus aspect’ comes into play.
  • The ‘Torus Effect’ was first brought forward several years ago as a preparation for ascension of humanity.
  • Perhaps in the not too distant future our scientist will be able to make discoveries that will lead to theories supporting the Torus Effect of light process.
  • There is evidence of it now.
  • It has been noted that electrons in their circulation around the nucleus of the atom seem to ‘disappear’ for a few microseconds.
  • Although this is surmised to be “quantum tunneling,” it actually represents the sequential phasing ‘in’ and phasing ‘out’ of dimensions.
  • This is the ‘Torus’ effect’ of the spectrum of the harmonic cycle.
  • It occurs atomically in all matter.
  • All physical matter fluctuates in and out, including our physical world, and of course our physical body.The Torus Field

The Omni-Earth and the Time-Space Holograms

  • Space-Time can be compared in certain ways to a computer program.
  • And, in our present day computer analogy, space and time are sub-programs of digital-dimensional light.
  • The separation of our ‘lifetimes’ is anchored to the Omni Earth as timelines or reality programs in a holographic manner.
  • In another words, one can say that both time and space, as we perceive them, are the end results of linear sub-programs of the Earth Grid reality projection.
  • Each sequenced ‘lifetime’ is anchored at certain Earth Grid points.
  • In essence, this is akin to the oversoul occupying the hub of a ‘carousel of consciousness,’ disseminating its light of consciousness via what can be described as essentially fiber-optic spokes to each soul residing at the rim of the wheel of consciousness.Metatronic Engine of ‘Life’
  • Through various mechanisms, the human possessing an expanded level of consciousness can enter the center of the oversoul, and manipulating time, going back and forth in time, and re-scripting its programs of reality in the ‘past’ as well as ‘future,’ while in reality, it all happens in the present or the NOW moment.
  • Thus, at the center of the oversoul there exists the control panel to explore and change any aspect of any and all lifetimes in the nonlinear NOW.NOW Moment
  • While time-programs are anchored to the Omni-Earth at specific points (which at times display multi-dimensional anomalies), one does not need to necessarily visit such earthly nodes to enter other dimensions.
  • Rather, they can be entered via quantum consciousness.
  • The operation of Time-Space holograms is analogous to ‘Windows’ programs on our laptop/desktops.
  • When space is inverted, the time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantized pool of what we perceive as past, present and future.
  • In this quantum manner, it is the space-time continuum that dissolves, and in a manner of speaking, becomes simultaneous ‘event’ streams, event horizons, all co-existing in the one integral ‘NOW’ moment.
  • Here, every event, every potential probability, every lifetime becomes evident.
  • Such quantized pool is essentially a continuum or a matrix that portrays all potential ages.
  • It is the central point from which all time holograms are projected.
  • It also represents the focal point from which the ‘harmonic pulse’ transforms the constitutive spectrum.
  • Matter-antimatter, like light, occur in spectrum.
  • And, what we refer to as antimatter, actually comprises the great majority of the cosmos.
  • Matter upshifts into antimatter realms and antimatter is downshifted into realm of matter to form physical reality.
  • Both are pulled in and projected out (and vice-versa) in the harmonic flash via black holes and white holes.
  • In the physical realms, black holes phase out the otherwise futile energy, and white holes bring in the energy of consciousness that forms ‘reality.’
  • It all has to do with the conversion of matter to antimatter energy and vice versa.
  • It occurs at an unimaginable velocity, and it is the means of the ‘strobe-effect’ of our consciousness streaming, sequencing into all of our realities, all of our lifetimes.

The Nature of Light and the Time-Space Holograms of the ‘Parallel’ Dimension

  • Light is an enigma.
  • It exists in concise units, packets of energy that are referred to as “photons.”
  • Photons have no density and no charge, and they travel as both particulates and as wave forms.
  • As particulates, within the 3rd dimension, they travel at the speed of light equal to 186,000 miles a second.
  • At the ‘speed of light,’ photons of light go so fast that time seems to disappear.
  • As waves, they can travel at colossal speeds much higher than the ‘speed of light.’
  • In fact, a photon can leave the surface of a sun or star and race through space for what we perceive as vast light-years, and then illuminate our eyes instantaneously as we gaze at the stars.
  • It seems inconsistent as well as absurd that the instant the photons leave the star and the moment they bombard our retina, seem to be the same.
  • No time has passed for it at all.
  • In this respect, light permeates our realities, and it is timeless.Time
  • We are all beings of light, and light is timeless.
  • Speed influences the manner in which we experience time flow, but it does not necessarily influence the ‘units of consciousness’ we experience within time.
  • The faster we move through space actually slows down the movement of time.
  • It is only the physical realm that exists within the conventionally perceived fabric of time-space continuum.
  • Actually, time-space continuum cannot be adequately conceived by the conventional physical laws and principles.
  • The movement of consciousness in time flows through space.
  • With Euclidean ideology relating space to a vector being depicted by 3 scalar measures, time has been conventionally considered as a scalar and the “fourth measure” erroneously being labeled as forming the 4th ‘dimensional’ space-time continuum.
  • While, in reality, the ramification of time is much more profound, requiring much deeper understanding.
  • For example the components (or measures) of space and time are referred to as ‘dimensions’ while they are better described as ‘measures.’
  • In reality, a dimension is a continuum that as its constituent has an aspect of ‘space’ formed through congealment of time, yet the advent of free-flowing nature of time can create a myriad of space-time dimensions within the confinement of the same space.
  • And, in practical terms, linear space-time characterized through advent of slow moving or infinitesimal progression of time is the measure of experience that keeps us from encountering everything at once.
  • In this respect, time-space continuum is a frequency-based phenomenon that has its root in the speed of progression of time that is referred to as ‘frequency.’
  • And as such, frequency defines each distinct space-time layer or dimension.Frequency of a  Dimension
  • In 3-D physical plane, one is seemingly fixed in time and can traverse space.
  • In this respect, the notion of space becomes highly predominate over sensing time.
  • Conversely, in a ‘parallel’ dimensional reality, one is fixed in space and moves through time.

Time – Continuum Anomaly

  • Time and Space can be said to be holographic program insertions that allow the quantum Omni-Earth to be meticulously separated from simultaneous NOW reality into our focal, seemingly independent ‘lifetime sojourns’.
  • Just as Windows can produce occasional anomalies in its separations of programs, so does the program of the Holographic Earth Matrix of linear time that can intermingle and distort.
  • There are areas within the Earth that naturally create time distortions.
  • This distortion occurs on several levels.Philadelphia experiment
  • The first is due to a gravitational flux that can rhythmically occur in the specific area or come in as a surge or a chaotic wave.
  • When this occurs, the very gravity distortion also affects the space-time continuum in the area, and creates a dimensional opening field very similar to what occurs in the poles.
  • Many points upon the earth contain magnetic and gravitational oscillations that create a time anomaly.
  • These are understood, accepted, or are deemed possible by our main stream academics as of today.

Grid, the Holographic Space-Time Server

  • Space-Time is, in the computer terminology, a program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the 144-Crystalline grid.
  • Through the 144-Grid, the sub- programs of ‘time’ are inserted as holographic realities.The 144-Grid Server 3
  • There are epochs and eras, entire civilizations that can be inserted into the Grid Server as programs.
  • And, all these programs are running simultaneously.
  • Therefore, on the level of the oversoul, we are experiencing many civilizations, and all lifetimes at once in the Unified Field of the crystalline Multiverse.
  • However, only one is deciphered by our physical consciousness.
  • So although we only perceive our ‘present’ life, we also live multiple lives at once.

Time-Gate Vector

  • Time and Space are sub-programs of binary dimensional light.
  • Time-Space continuum is a holographic server that can simultaneously store many different files and sub files within its storage capacity.
  • Just as there are locations within the stages of computer access that allow us to see all of the programs and files and navigate from one to the other, so there are location vectors on the earth that anchor the holographic dimensional gateways, which allow access into other matrix files of reality and time formats.
  • There are frequency-based mechanisms that connect overlays of parallel dimension, and these create gateways to other time-frame subprograms and realities that coexist differently and more tangibly within these unique areas.
  • Time-Space ‘programs’ are holographic and these programs are diversified and coded in certain areas, especially the polar regions.
  • Gateways or multi program access occurs in them.
  • There are many such coordinate points on our planet that contain within it time code scripting.
  • Such coordinate points are anchors that pin each reality to the physical worlds, what is referred to as the ‘Omni-Earth.’
  • These are very unique in purpose.
  • Areas such as Titicaca, Arkansas, Grand Tetons, Shasta and Roslyn are primarily celestial star gates.
  • The area of the crystal vortex of Arkansas contains many overlays of myriad time-space.
  • It is, indeed, a crystalline portal, an open-ended portal that is not just a wormhole in space to other points in the cosmos, but a unique gateway to other dimensional aspects of what may be termed the holographic Omni-Earth program.
  • It may be termed a ‘time-gate vector.’
  • Grimes Point is one such time-gate Vector, which is located near Lake Tahoe, outside Reno, Nevada, and on the border with California.
  • It is one of many such coordinate points on our planet that contains within it time code scripting.
  • Hence, within this concentric overlay vector, other time programs, other dimensional realms can be accessed through their frequencies more easily.
  • A time gate vector is a means to access other realities.
  • Arkansas and other such time-gate vectors allow for the ability to travel in time.
  • It is better to say that all programs of holographic time programs coexist more clearly, more perceptibly within such points.
  • This does not mean that when one walks into say the crystalline vortex of Arkansas that one will disappear from the present and materialize into a future or past program; rather it means, windows into other time-sequence frames are more accessible here.Arkansas Crystal Fields- Time Vector 2
  • Materialization can and do occur here quite intentionally and occasional by accident.
  • Time gate vectors are not the only means to access other realities.
  • Indeed, this can be done myriad ways, including the crystalline energies of the phi resonance, in deep meditative states.
  • But, what is different in a time- gate vector coordinate-points is that the Omni-Earth time program itself is anchored to certain aligned points that occur on the planet, within certain frequency-based matrices.
  • Via a time-gate vector, one accesses other realms, other epochs, other programs of terrestrial time, whereas in the case of phi crystals, etc. one travels to other dimensions in space.

The Illusory Nature of Time and Space

  • The reality of the ‘inner universe’ does not occupy material space, nor does it have its intrinsic essence in linear time.
  • Our illusory physical reality, by contrast, indeed, does takes up space and has an existence inserted within time, but it is not the true reality that our divine mind, our soul exists in.
  • The Divine Mind’s perceptions are determined by cosmic forces that are shifting.
  • Space-Time is a sub program of light physics.
  • It can, and is, affected somewhat at anchor points by gravity, earth spin ratio, electromagnetics and celestial alignments.
  • All of these are mechanisms of this phenomena.
  • The Space-Time continuum, as we perceive it, is simply that, a perception.
  • There are many earths that concentrically occur within the same space that mankind perceives as being the physical earth.
  • It is, indeed, important to understand that the brain is quite different from the mind.
  • The human brain is a physical aspect of mind.
  • The brain occupies physical matter and space.
  • The brain interprets and exists in time. The mind does not.
  • The mind takes up no space; it does not have its core existence within linear time. 

The Linear Perception of Time  

  • Dimensional reality on earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence we perceive as linear.
  • Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion.
  • All versions of the Omni-Earth coexist as non-linear programming.
  • But, this truth is initially very difficult for us to perceive or truly completely comprehend from the stance of the third dimension.
  • This is because the 3-D density aspect of the human physical structure in duality manifestation operates within and as a result of the linear time ‘program’ that enables the earth plane experience.
  • We are, therefore, pre-indoctrinated to linear perception in earth plane existence.
  • This linear perception program determines to a great extent the ‘normal’ resonance patterns for the kinds of experiential probabilities that mankind selects, projects and perceives while ‘growing’ into greater consciousness from the base point of dense physicality.
  • Time truly does not exist in the linear manner that we believe beyond duality.
  • And, even within the filtered lens of duality, there are certain areas of dimensional overlay that occur on our planet in which striking time anomalies can and do occur, testifying to this effect.
  • What we perceive in our physical earth as linear time, our perception of ‘life’ is a purposeful illusion.
  • This purposed illusion is deciphered by the brain through the signals received by the mind is triggered by light.
  • Linear time- 3D IllusionDimensional reality on Earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence we perceive as linear.

Acceleration of Space-Time Continuum

  • Time and space are different aspects of the same energy.
  • Both are aspects of light, and the speed of light around our planet is accelerating.
  • In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity.
  • Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others.
  • The speed of light has increased, although, it cannot be accurately measured by humanity at our current level of academic knowledge.
  • According to one modern Mayan Calendar interpreter, we are in the midst of an acceleration of our space-time and consciousness like no other.
  • In fact, the rate of consciousness sped up by a factor of 20 in 2011.
  • The potential for increased consciousness is, indeed, taking place as a preset quickening of what is referred to as the “ascension.”
  • Time as we know it, is indeed accelerating.
  • It is why there are fewer hours in the day, and one cannot seem to accomplish the same tasks within the measures of the chronology.
  • The time flash aspect is increased by approximately 25%, and our ability to adjust to that has not equalized.
  • Therefore, it ‘seems’ to us that time passes more quickly relative to what humanity experienced three decades ago.
  • It is evident that all is quickening, time is accelerating as the ascension draws near.Time Acceleration 2

The Effect of Quickening Sequence of Space-Time Continuum

  • The measure of curvature of space-time by which time-pulse expands or contracts has an exact and direct relevance to the ratio of quanta of light present within our space quadrant.
  • The Crystalline Grid is transforming light.
  • The quickening sequences of space and time as it appears in our dimension, is indeed, affecting the physical body of the earth.
  • Indeed, our earth is reformulating.
  • This transformation of special time results in an increase in the spinning of the earth’s core.
  • This is accomplished by converting the energy of the light waves.
  • The crystalline core of the earth is spinning faster.
  • Time is equal to the ratio of the axial tilt to the inner spin of earth.
  • And, this determines the time movement in linear earth.
  • Indeed, the pulse of time is increasing as earth reshapes itself in the ascending energies.
  • The acceleration of the time pulse we are receiving now is the result of the increased velocity of light.

The Consequences of Ascension

  • The fundamental principle behind ascension is that an aperture in the hologram programs of simultaneous time allows all holograms to complete themselves in this cycle.
  • As a result, time acceleration is being experienced on the planet at this time.
  • Indeed, such is the aspect of the ascension that is the centering of all time.A major evolutionary stage - wake up-revised
  • In terms of creation of consciousness via stroboscopic projection of Light, time acceleration necessitates shortening in the ‘dark phase’ of consciousness generation, which is achieved through acceleration of light.
  • As such, that we term ‘light’ is also accelerating, and it affects every aspect of our current experience.
  • Due to the tremendous out-pour of light energies on our quadrant of space at this special time of ascension, there is an increased intensity of Light energy inundating earth at this time.
  • This amplified inflow of light energy quanta is achieved through increasing the velocity of the light reaching earth.
  • The sudden increase in the velocity of light is the physical cause of acceleration in the time-space continuum.
  • Time acceleration is synonymous to increased time velocity, and in turn, signifies shortening in length of time.
  • This means, in order for the earth not to have a (significant) change in its tilt angle, the spin of the earth core must significantly increase due to the shortening of time, as clearly the earth spin is inversely proportional to time in such a circumstance.
  • To summarize, the increased bombardment of crystalline light energy of earth at the present time of pre-ascension implicates that both the velocity of light as well as the earth spin must be augmented, involving the consequent shortening of time.
  • This, in turn, culminates in a surge in both earth’s and humanity’s rate of vibration/light quotient as well as a significant upgrade in mankind’s degree of consciousness.
  • This in kind, leads to a surge in humanity’s cognitive expression of life, and its consequent shift into a higher tempo, and higher dimensions.

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One thought on “The Time-Space Continuum By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.”

  1. I agree with this. Light effects and affects us, however instead of a grid, what if space time is bubbles within bubbles within bubbles and so on, so forth? Each of us traveling moving and doing creates a bubble or ripple within the continuum causing a movable continuum in and of itself? When light hits it, it causes it to appear, this would also help explain so called ghosts. They are just pre recorded echos of another space time continuum recorded by previous flashes of light like, a solar flare.


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