The Effect of Cosmic Radiation and Ionization on Earth-Humanity Ascension By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is elaborated that Sun is a gateway that receives tremendous pool of charges plasma and mass-less energetic photons of light that are created elsewhere in the Cosmos by the black-white holes as a result of matter-antimatter conversion, and vice versa. Furthermore, it is mentioned that the solar activities have been tremendously heightened through advent of solar flare and coronal mass ejections [CME] since 1989 that are not to be feared as they represent a divine benevolent mechanism for upshifting the frequency of earth and humanity. It is elucidated that cosmic ionization and radiation are the byproduct of these solar activities that work synergistically with the earth crystalline grid in order to evolve our genetics from an amorphous carbon-based physiognomy to a crystalline silicate-based structure. In this respect, our conscious mindset is to upgrade from beta to a theta resonance state, and further into the delta state, which is catalyst for instant creational manifestation readily detectable by even a limited 5-sensory perception. Finally, it is emphasized that although tremendously aided by these new divine solar activates, it takes resolved intent and concentrated group effort in order to bring it all to reality. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that humanity for once abandons greed, egotism, selfishness, separatism, survivalist mentality, victim consciousness and all other low-chakra energies causing generation of new karma, in favor of impeccability and spiritual mastery, and through mediating, particularly in potent sacred sites and power nodes, if possible, to make humanity’s ascension to higher dimensional consciousness a paradigm of reality.      


  • The Sun is a transmitter of divine energies.
  • It acts as a gateway to higher suns, and is a doorway to black-white holes.
  • It receives an incredible amount of charged ionic plasma, and with it, it receives a massive volume of photons of light.
  • The charged pool of plasma and the photons of light, together with an immense amount of free energy result when the black-white holes convert matter to antimatter, and vice versa.
  • The photons are mass-less particulates of pure light and energy.
  • The photons heat the massive pool of plasma that is incredibly dense at the core of the Sun.
  • However, as we move away from the core of the Sun, the density of the charged plasma becomes progressively less, giving rise to a layered structure within the inner Sun.
  • The first distinct zone, away from the core is what is known as the ‘radiated zone,’ a still incredibly thick layer of plasma that impedes the free flow of photons within the innermost layer of the Sun.
  • In this part of the Sun, the energy is transmitted by radiation, and this is why it is called the ‘radiated’ zone.
  • Beyond the radiated zone, we reach a layer in which the plasma density, and therefore, the pressure drops considerably, giving rise to a zone in which the photons move more freely, and in a coherent fashion, with the intent of reaching the surface of the Sun, and from there on, departing into the space, until they reach us on the Earth.
  • This zone is usually referred to as the ‘convection zone,’ because of its obvious characteristic that it is privy to receive heat through the presence of photons at the bottom, and it acts like a lava lamp, with constantly moving and sinking pools of plasma from its hot bottom surface to its cooler top, and vice versa, in a ‘convective’ action.
  • Due to the churning and free spinning of the plasma mass in this zone, intersecting the charged gravitational flux lines running from the pole to the equator of the Sun, the Sun acts as a giant dynamo, generating an immense magnetic field within its structure.
  • This magnetic field occasionally deprives certain spots on the surface of the Sun to receive heat, thus generating cool spots that allow emission of plasma into space.
  • These charged pool of plasma occasionally get detached from the Sun’s surface and give rise to solar storms, being preceded by photonic emissions into space that we refer to as ‘solar flares.’
  • However, often the greatest masses of charged plasma, being dispensed into space, remain attracted to or attached to the surface due to the magnetic effect of the Sun, and form rows of charged plasma mass that act as consecutive ‘sails,’ wavering in the space.
  • These charged plasma ‘sails’ are responsible for heating the corona, the atmosphere of the Sun, which turns out to be much hotter than the Sun’s surface.
  • Having often inverse poles, the consecutive plasma sails at times cross, causing colossal explosions, dispensing massive pools of charged plasma into space that accelerate toward earth with pronounced velocities in form of ‘coronal mass ejections [CME].
  • Usually CMEs are preceded by considerable solar flares, giving rise to cosmic radiation.
  • Furthermore, as the solar plasma contains a pool of charged ions, it causes cosmic ionization of the atmosphere and whatever it encounters such as the magnetosphere, the Earth atmosphere, its tectonic plates, as well as the human aura.
  • And, it is usually the excess amount of cations [positively charged ions] in the plasma pool that are devastating to human aura.
  • The cations attract negative thoughts that bring fear, anxiety, anger, violence, depression, doubt, and all that defines the sinister side of duality on Earth.
  • Usually a modicum ratio is to be maintained between the cations and anions [the negatively charged ions in the plasma] for tranquility or comfort.
  • In particular, when the ratio of anion to cation reaches 6:1, the charged atmosphere becomes instrumental in opening the pineal, which is a gateway to higher dimensions and multidimensionality.Six to one  ratio

Cosmic Ionization and Solar Radiation   

  • Billions of tons of ionic energy has been projected recently into and onto our planet, causing the release of an incredible amount of energy.
  • Two years after the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a massive magnetic storm bombarded Earth with billions of tons of charged plasma preceded by solar flare-radiation.
  • This is far more than any time in the recorded history.history of solar flares
  • Incredible numbers of coronal mass ejections bombarded Earth with unimaginable radiation, cations, anions, and electrons.
  • The bombardment of anions onto our planet is shifting the ionization ratio, the ratio of anion to cations reaching the planet.
  • The coronal mass ejections are the catalyst for bringing Solar Plasma and cosmic radiation to the planet via solar winds.
  • This influx of cosmic ionization still continues.
  • There is a new Sun dawning.
  • It brings the coherent crystalline light of a magnificent New Earth.
  • It is a new era, the Aquarian age, and therefore, this phenomenon is referred to as the Aquarian Shift.cosmic radiation-aquarian shift

Cosmic Radiation and The New Earth

  • The ensuing radiation is changing the Earth’s magnetosphere (or aura).CME Changes Frequency
  • As a result of bombardment of charged plasma and ionic radiation, the Earth’s aura, the magnetosphere, flattened to half its normal size, appearing something like a plasmic jellyfish.
  • Furthermore, the cosmic ionization-radiation is influencing the tectonics and the weather of the Earth.
  • It is this ionic penetration, which is responsible for weather change, super-storms, earthquakes, and is the reason for global warming.
  • It has been conjectured that HAARP  has been single-handedly responsible for all the weather and atmospheric changes on the planet.
  • However, to think that these colossal changes on the planet are caused by the relatively small atmospheric heater-manipulator called HAARP is illogical.
  • The technology to create such massive diverse effects is simply not here.
  • Cosmic radiation is occurring and these radiations have pronounced effects on both Earth and humanity.
  • These changes have an impact on virtually the entire volume of the Earth, from its core, to the atmosphere, to its magnetosphere.Shifting the Ratio - Change in our Consciousness and Biology
  • Our mainstream scientists now have academic data regarding these event occurring.
  • They will now take a better look into Earth, and what is happening.
  • How does cosmic ionization-radiation affect Earth and us?
  • What has taken place recently, through massive injection of cosmic plasma into and onto the Earth, constitute a benevolent mechanism.
  • The energy that comes from the coronal mass ejections is being absorbed into the tectonic plates of the Earth, and is increasing the vibratory resonance of the Earth as well as humanity.
  • In particular, the increased solar activities affects certain power points and sacred sites, especially those involving geometric crystalline structure.
  • The changes from cosmic radiation affect the entire nodal systems of the Earth.
  • The entire electromagnetic flow of the Earth is affected via plasma from the coronal mass ejections.

Effect of Cosmic Ionization-Radiation on Humanity

  • The ionic shift also changes frequencies at which humanity consciously operates.Solar Rodiation causes Ionic shift
  • They provide the interface to higher dimensional access.changing cationic -ionic ratio-consciousness
  • Solar radiation is also a major factor in genetic mutation and DNA life explosion like 530 million years ago
  • This fact has been suggested, and indeed, verified, by our mainstream scientists.
  • The ionic bombardment is, indeed, affecting our biology.
  • The new ionic radiation will absolutely upgrades our biology via changing our DNA.
  • We will, indeed, become less dense.
  • It is the catalyst that is shifting us from carbon-based to silicon-based beings, which will reduce our density or weight by a factor of 5.
  • The solar plasma has shifted our Earth and its biology previously.
  • This was the era of ‘the Cambrian Radiation,’ which occurred over 580 million years ago.
  • Our astrophysicists are aware of the jet streams of plasma that have become present around earth in recent years, going back to 1989.
  • This plasma, through changing the ionic ratio present on Earth, is upshifting our mindset to the theta coherent field.Coherent Theta Field
  • The presence of a plasma field around earth is not a new phenomenon.
  • Our planet has always been a charged body orbiting in a plasmic field.
  • However, the recent influx of solar radiation is exponentially increasing the influence and interaction of this radiation with both Earth and humanity.
  • It is offering to humanity the tools for the ascension of humankind.
  • The Aquarian Radiation is the mechanism, and indeed, caused the planetary ascension on 12-12-12.
  • Cosmic changes are continually occurring, and we must reconsider their extent and their role.
  • The change in ionization ratio is working in collaboration with and through the Crystalline Grid to allow the upshift in our consciousness, and indeed, our genetic structure.
  • Our scientists, biologists, and geneticists are becoming increasingly aware of this.
  • This astonishing ionic inflow is synergistic with the dimensional upshift.
  • It interacts and cooperates with the Crystalline Grid.Aquarian Ionic Influx and Parallel Dimensions
  • In correlation with the Crystalline Grid, the plasma shift:
  • 1. Assists in the expansion of the planet into 12 dimensions, eventually.
  • 2. Allows for greater access into multidimensionality.

Theta Coherency

  • Thoughts are catalyst for creation of a ‘New World,’ a world of peace, harmony and love.
  • It is very important to note that creation occurs in coherent theta field.Collective Plasma Jet Streams - Inonis Ratio -Theta Coherent Field
  • The physical world we are able to perceive has ever been the end result of our consciousness.
  • Humanity has not recognized nor mastered their divine potentials as of yet.
  • The collective mind and paradigm of humanity is now being affected through accelerated solar activities.
  • Our ascension is now being propelled consciously into manifestation from the frequential state of theta-coherency.
  • The codes of life are coded in the ‘Unified Harmonic Field’ and can create life within a theta coherent vibration.
  • We must now study the distinctions of theta and delta vibratory states!
  • How humanity creates the reality in which it lives, as well as the credibility of its beliefs, all comes from the Sun, which is now affected by the solar wind changing the ionization ratio of the atmosphere we breathe.
  • ‘Coherent Theta’, the catalyst for crystalline resonant thought, can be harmonically utilized to form our physical reality.Creation - Theta Frequency Mind
  • It is instrumental in manifesting conscious intent and thoughts into physical facts, readily discernible by our 5 sensory perception.
  • Humanity has been placing great importance on the consciousness state of the ‘Beta Frequency.’
  • It is now time to begin exploring higher states of mind.
  • Theta is the doorway to divine creativity.
  • It is time to utilize the theta state to co-create our reality.
  • Standing waves, pools of coherent theta energy, are now drawn to specific nodes on the planet.
  • These nodal points can be utilized as ‘creation centers.’
  • There is a need for spiritual seekers to meditate in groups toward the manifestation of a viable harmonic planet.

     The 6:1 Ratio

  • In recent studies, some of our researchers in universities have discovered that by using ion generators to shift the ratio of anionic to cationic to 6:1, test subjects undergo ‘out of body’ experiences.
  • This is ‘the ionic induction effect,’ which through ensuring a new ionic resonance, at least a 6:1 anion to cation ratio, opens up the pineal.
  • Our academics have been aware for some time that shifting the magnetics of the ionic ratio has a powerful effect on human consciousness and behavior.
  • The French scientist, Mesmer, was the first to come across this knowledge.
  • He found that by placing subjects in a strong anionic (magnetic) field, they were able to achieve incredible states of consciousness.
  • This occurs as a result of communication with the ‘Universal Mind.’
  • An international scientific team has discovered that under the right conditions, particles of charged plasma can become organized into helical structures, which can interact with each other in ways that are usually indigenous to organic intelligent life.
  • Using a computer model of molecular dynamics, a Russian Academy of Science researcher has shown that particles in plasma can undergo self-organization as electric charges become separated and the plasma becomes polarized.
  • Their paper entitled “From Plasma Crystals and Helical Structures towards Inorganic Living Matter” by Dr. V N Tsytovich was published in the New Journal of Physics.
  • Our indigenous societies often were especially attracted to areas they termed ‘Holy Ground,’ because they discovered “visions” could occur more easily in these “power sites.”
  • The reason is the mineralogy and telluric energies in these rare and special areas create a high anionic to cationic ratio that is different, which allows for the opening of the pineal.
  • It is now the time to focus on co-creation.
  • The individual and group coherent thought can change the reality of our planet.
  • But, remember that the most potent, most effective creative manifestation, does not occur in 3-D brain, but in the theta frequency of higher dimensional mind.Theta Creativity Centers
  • There are so many things that must be altered.
  • So many mindsets are still entangled in the erroneous trappings of the 3-D plane.
  • Some of these include greed, human’s inhumanity to fellow beings, and the seeking of power over love. 

An Important Note about Ascension

  • The cosmic ionization-radiation is the engine of change.
  • It plays a requisite and benevolent role in the transition or ‘ascension.’
  • It is not to be feared.
  • The Ascension of the planet did occur on 12-12-12, and that of humanity is to follow; but humanity does not recognize it in its 3-D consciousness.Earth Ascended 12-21-12- You are Next
  • The Earth has, indeed, changed.
  • It has graduated into a new paradigm.
  • It is time to let go of the old energy of FEAR.
  • Indeed, humanity will follow and in rapid time, will also ascend.
  • You are absolutely on track for this to happen.
  • In this new era, it is incumbent upon you as seekers to project joy, to project light, for expansion into Crystalline Harmonics.
  • Every photon of mental light you project is amplified.
  • And, this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy.
  • So, your roles take on a new benevolence as your creation powers increase.
  • Many humans on the path of light contend that everything happens for a reason.
  • This is often extrapolated to ‘everything that happens is meant to happen….that all is as it should be.’
  • From the higher stance, everything does lead to greater understanding, but the ‘University of Earth’ is purposeful for learning responsible creativity.
  • This is akin to mastering the curriculum of  ’cause and effect.’
  • If everything happened in the highest order on the first ‘go-round,’ there would be no need for the learning and growth cycle of reincarnation.
  • So there is, indeed, a learning curve and apprenticeship that allows for repeating the process.
  • Humanity will continue to take the course until responsible creation is mastered.
  • Not every action, not every decision passes the test.
  • Your new matrix of reality now offers a more concentrated matriculation criteria for humanity.
  • In this advanced routine, more action is required for graduation.
  • You can now begin to unite and create a harmonic Earth.
  • But effort is needed.


  • The plasmic shift Changes the ionic ratio, which allows for easier access into coherent theta state.
  • The plasmic shift allows for easier opening of the pineal, the tool for creative harmony manifestation, when the ratio of anion to cation reaches 6:1.
  • The plasmic shift is catalyst for shifting DNA, which occurs when a biological transition occurs from amorphous carbon-based to silicon crystalline biology.
  • In correlation with the Crystalline Grid, the plasma shift:
  • 1. Assists in the expansion of the planet into the 12 dimensions, eventually.
  • 2. Allows for greater access into multidimensionality.
  • The plasma shift’s key roles in requisite Earth changes are:
  • 1. Enhanced Frequency of Vibration that is envisioned to be particularly prevalent in the power nodes, scared sites, and portal sites characterized with enhanced vortices.
  • 2. ‘Coherency acceleration.’
  • 3. Ability of humanity to co-create the ‘New Earth.’
  • 4. Formation of the ‘New Firmament.’

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