Fundamentals of the Mechanics of Consciousness: by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is indicated that consciousness is imparted to humanity through projection of divine coded Light that is crystalline, coherent and intelligible. It is further elucidated that Light is composed of consciousness particulates that manifest themselves as ‘units of consciousness,’ giving sentience to humans, who possess the capacity to ‘contain’ such units of consciousness. Strictly speaking, Light is received and stored in our ethereal aura in form of a pool of a plasma comprised of negatively charged ions [anions] and  positively charged ions [cations]. Due to the heterogeneous nature of local ionic pools within the plasmic light, there is a tendency for plasmic ‘flow” within our energetic system, not much unlike electricity. The distinction is that an electric field is completely polarized consisting of separate positive electrodes [starved of electrons] and negative electrodes [over-saturated with electrons] that culminates in flow of electrons, while the human bio-plasmic field is electro-crystalline, triggered by the plasmic ‘flow’ of anions and cations within its structure. As light is stroboscopic in nature, having a flashing ‘on’ and flashing ‘off’ characteristic, the projection of coherent light on a soul or its constituents is oscillatory in nature. This means consciousness imparts ‘vibration’ at a certain resonant frequency on the soul {1}. Two parameters are considered for quantification of consciousness. These are the ‘light quotient,’ which depicts the capacity of a body-soul to absorb or transmit Light, and ‘the natural frequency of vibration,’ an inherent body-soul characteristic that causes animation/vibration when it is equal to the value of the resonant frequency of vibration imparted by Light. Furthermore, it has been proposed by the author that natural frequency of vibration, illustrating the extent of soul-body consciousness, is equal to the square root of a parameter introduced by the author as ‘the coefficient of consciousness expansibility,’ a karmic constant {2-3}, to its mass or ‘constitution.’ It is further clarified that consciousness is a ‘discrete’ phenomenon that is only prevalent at quantum states at scales that may be discerned by the “Planck’s Number’ in quantum mechanics [10-43 seconds]. Therefore, within an interval of time within a quantum scale, we become unconscious in our present continuum of time and space, and jump to an ‘alternate’ or ‘parallel’ dimension. This interval is referred to as ‘the darkening period’ by the author, appropriately, as during this interval the light of consciousness is absent. It is envisioned that the parent soul that is often referred to as the HIGHERSELF or the I AM PRESENCE, commonly experiences multiple life sojourns in multiple parallel dimensions through a ‘soul fragmentation’ scheme, into as much as 12 soul ‘aspects’ or constituents that may be referred to as a SELVES. Each SELF occupies its own distinct body, vibrating in a particular time-space continuum associated with a certain parallel dimension with its own inherent natural frequency of vibration. Clearly both the constitution as well as the karmic constant associated with a SELF are unique as each SELF undergoes its own life sojourns through utilization of its own Will Power, gaining its own life experiences. Furthermore, the physical consciousness of a particular SELF is only intact or prevalent in the time-space continuum associated with the parallel dimension in which the SELF resonates, and therefore, is unique to that particular soul constituent. In contrast, all the soul ‘aspects’ or constituents [the SELVES], share a common sub-conscious state of awareness that is indigenous to the parent soul. In this respect, it may be considered that all of the soul ‘aspects’ have a wireless connection to the parent soul, which manifests itself subconsciously via ‘intuition.’ This is another quality of a sentient being that is not driven by the hardcore thought forms piloted by the brain, but is counseled by emotion, the other significant quality of a sentient soul, and guided by the our more complex system, the heart. To complete the visualization of the mechanics of soul consciousness, consider the face of a clock composed of 12 separate hourly or divisional positions, and consider the soul that is originally situated at the 12 O’ clock position, progressively moves around the clock sequentially, occupying the positions associated with 1-12 O’ clock configuration, respectively. The light of consciousness is projected by a single hand to each position around the clock sequentially, thus only illuminating the location in which the soul currently resides, with all the other 11 positions being momentarily ‘dark,’ at a quantum scale. And, when the soul reaches its initial position at the 12 O’ clock configuration, it again becomes sentient or conscious in its initial time-space continuum within its initial domicile dimension, thus locally experiencing consciousness in a ‘discrete’ and ‘quantum’ fashion. 

 The Meaning of Consciousness

  • In simple colloquial term, consciousness has been defined as a synonym to “awareness.”
  • However, this description is entirely inadequate and much too simplified.

Consciousness is everything

  • Indeed, consciousness is much more than mere “awareness.”
  • To simply say that consciousness is self-awareness, the ability to detect oneself, and have an awareness of one’s environment is much too abridged and restrictive.
  • This definition is, of course, utterly artless, callow, and does not give the slightest justice to the profoundness of the phenomenon of ‘consciousness.’
  • In fact, consciousness is EVERY THING that humanity is supposed to epitomize.
  • In reality, consciousness is much more than awareness.
  • It is, indeed, everything; it is “life” itself; it is “existence;” it is the entirety of “Being.”
  • Consciousness is the most prolific characteristic of the Godhead itself.
  • Expanding consciousness is the single most important “prime directive” of the Almighty’s “Divine Plan” for us; i.e., to experiment, to learn, and to flourish and prosper by way of “forward evolution.”
  • As one’s “consciousness” grows, one begins to appreciate that the most fundamental purpose of “life,” “existence,” and “Being” are two folded:
  • (1) To raise one’s consciousness; and
  • (2) Service to God [and ALL THAT THERE IS] by a way of helping others achieve expanded consciousness.

Divine Directives

  • The latter, in turn, again, culminates in furthering one’s consciousness, especially when it is intertwined with Compassion and Unconditional Love.

The Origin of Consciousness

  • The ‘point’ of origin, the very ‘Source’ for inception of consciousness is what we commonly refer to as ‘God;’ not a God, but the ‘Godhead,’ the Father and Mother of all “Gods.”
  • And, Godhead is the original Source of ‘Mega Consciousness.’
  • From our meek perspective of aptitude or capability, the gigantic grandeur, the gargantuan extent of its magnificence, prohibits any direct contact or derivation from its majestic splendor.
  • Therefore, prior to any possibility of being able to absorb even a modicum of HIS/HER consciousness, an alternative method for its dissemination had to be devised, which was conversion of Mega Consciousness to Light.
  • This was accomplished through the ingenious design and utilization of the ‘Engine o Life.Metatronic Engine of ‘Life’
  • This divine revelation of ethereal feat of inspired and ‘original’ engineering instrumentation is, in essence, a stepping-down transformer that converts a portion of the Mega Consciousness of the Godhead into usable consciousness units in the form of Coherent Light encoded with such units of consciousness.
  • Upon imparting this coherent light onto an ‘Oversoul,’ a conglomerate collective of potential Beings of various conscious calibers, consciousness may be readily conveyed upon a collective Oversoul as to ‘Create’ sentient or conscious Beings.
  • Visualize your Oversoul being positioned at the central hub of carousel such as a bicycle wheel.
  • As your Oversoul is flashed upon, it propagates the Coherent Light down each spoke and towards the rim at which you and comparable Souls are residing.
  • Of course, this fragmentation scheme of Oversoul into individualized Souls can be extend to any similar configuration creating various constituents of the Oversoul.
  • The process of consciousness creation entails shining the aforementioned Coherent Light stroboscopically, via a flashing ‘on’ and ‘off’ mechanism, onto the hub of this wheel.
  • The sequence of ‘on’ and ‘off’ mechanism is actually related to a cyclic transformation of matter to antimatter via the Black Holes and White Holes, respectively.
  • As properly conjectured by our scientists, black holes are points of energetic instabilities around the universe when matter collapses and is sucked in to a point and disappears seemingly without a trace.

Black Holes (2)

  • Black holes actually normally come into existence as a result of supernova of colossal massive giant planets and such.
  • What our scientists have not yet discovered is that at the ‘bottom’ of the black holes exist a series of infinitesimal ‘white holes’ that are responsible for revitalizing and refining energies which are then poured back into a universe.

The Engine - Matter antimatter conversion

  • It is all part of an inhale-exhale, breath in-break out mechanism, much like the very nature of our existence and longevity that sustains ‘life’ and brings vitality to the universe.
  • And, at the core of this operation sits the Engine of Life, the very lung and respiration organ of the multi-universe.
  • Remember, the Principle of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed; but to convert from one form to another.
  • Also energy can change to matter, as we know it.
  • Therefore, this respiration process of inhalation and exhalation of the universe is nothing but a conversion mechanism for energy; from matter to the more refined ‘antimatter.’
  • The process is ‘conservative’ in terms of scientific term in continuum mechanics, which means it is non-dissipative, without any loss of energy or its conversion into yet another form of energy.
  • Therefore, in reality the fundamental principle behind the ‘Engine of Life’ is that four separate laws or principles are involved in its operation:
  • 1. The Principle of Step-Down or Step up Transformation. In this process gigantic consciousness is stepped down into smaller constituents to be converted and imparted to the prospective Souls to be vitalized.
  • 2. The Principle of Conservation of Energy, which states that no energy is created nor destroyed in the process, and only converted from one form to another.
  • 3. The Principle of Conservation, which states no energy is converted into dissipative sources such friction, heat, etc.
  • 4. The process of Full Cyclic Reversibility, which states the whole process may be completed in a cyclic manner, matter to antimatter and vice versa without change.
  • In this process, the rather coarse form of energy in the form of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter is converted to the much-refined form of antimatter that exists in plasma form.
  • Of course, antimatter is stealth and cannot be detected by our usual 5- sensory perception.
  • And, this is the principle behind the advent of confusion, puzzlement, and ‘mystery.’
  • Mankind needs to finally realize that ALL THAT THERE IS cannot be detected by our limited senses.
  • Furthermore, the futile slogan of “Seeing is Believing,’ and such are the careful implantation of our suppression concocted by our jail-keepers who go through the most bizarre and low-consciousness acts, in order to cloud our belief system, and to maintain poisoning our mind and bodies, as to ‘Separate’ us from the Truth of our multi-universe and our existence, in order to sustain their oppressive control upon us.
  • In recent years there has been much conjecture regarding the existence of “Dark Matter” and the validity of the phenomenon of “Dark Energy.”
  • It seems that mankind is beginning to realize that matter does not dominate the universe, and indeed, occupies the least and the most insignificant part of our universe [3.37%].
  • What the scientists call “Dark Matter” is actually antimatter exiting within its lowest- range of the overall spectrum.

Matter constitute 3.37 per cent revised

  • Yes, like matter, antimatter also exists within distinct ranges in an overall spectrum.

antimatter spectral density

  • What our scientists are pondering about, “the Dark Matter” is actually antimatter, which exists as plasma in the initial part of the spectrum.
  • “Dark Matter” is actually not “Dark” at all.
  • Its matrix fall in the frequency range much higher than even the plasma matter detected by our scientist, and is thus of much higher light quotients than any matter.
  • Antimatter matrix occupies the realm of ethereal, Angelic, and dimensions much higher than 4thdimension.
  • It is the ‘Light’ mechanism by which our higher thoughts and emotions travel.
  • It is the essence of our very soul.
  • It is ultimately intertwined with high consciousness.
  • We now know that the higher dimensional matrix is composed of an extremely high energy electro-crystalline fabric that facilitates connection of ALL to the Neural Network of our Almighty Prime Creator.
  • Terra Nova [New Earth] was inaugurated on 12-12-12 with a Electro-Crystalline Grid.

Earth has now remade herself as Terra Nova

  • After complete firing up during on 12-12-12, the entire system was tested for 9 days and the New Earth became operational starting 12/21/2012.
  • Now envision the face of a clock consisting of 12 distinct markings that would consecutively depict the hours from 1-12.
  • The 12 divisions of the clock encompass the entire circular diameter of the clock.
  • Now imagine that your ‘Soul’ sequentially takes up the positions 1-12 on the clock’s face.
  • And, imagine that the jumping of the soul sequentially occurs from position ’12’ to position ‘1’ and then back to position ’12’ on the clock.
  • And , every time that the soul jumps, it represent a different ‘aspect’ of itself that is referred to as a SELF.Fragmentation of Soul to SELVES
  • Now consider the light source emanating from your Oversoul is situated at the center of the clock and disseminate light via a clock’s hand to the position in which the soul resides.
  • Due to the flashing nature of the imparting Light, there exists periodic ‘instances’ within the perpetual NOW moment that embodies total absence of Light or ‘Darkness,’ on the remaining 11 positions on the clock, which epitomize lack of consciousness, and may be referred to as the ‘Darkening Period.’
  • Actually, the time interval between consecutive periods of flashing light [the moments of consciousness] that characterizes and quantifies the ‘Dark Period,’ closely approximates Planck’s Number, which equals to 10-43 seconds.
  • And, this process occurs all in the perpetual NOW moment.
  • Although to a Soul aspect or a SELF residing on the lighted position on the clock, undergoing a life sojourn characteristic of a particular ‘timeline’ or a ‘parallel reality,’ it may be that a consecutive position of the soul on the clock would characterize a condition in which the soul is undergoing the ‘timeline’ paradigm, which may belong to its past or its future.
  • Strictly speaking, there is no past or future.
  • All timelines are occurring simultaneously, and in the NOW moment.


  • In essence, time is very different from how we perceive it on the third dimensional Earth.
  • Time is not linear.

Linear Time is 3D Illusion

  • In fact, time is rather ‘circular’ or radial.
  • Time is like a wheel, while your Oversoul is residing at its center or the ‘hub’, your Soul is experiencing a life sojourn as a fragmented SELF around a clock.
  • However, this wheel has an infinite number of spokes which fan out in every conceivable direction from the hub.
  • Any two lives may seem very different and far apart from one another at the rim of the wheel, but they are, indeed, very “close” and at an equi-distance from the hub of the wheel.
  • As consciousness is bestowed upon the Oversoul residing at the hub of the wheel, and at the same time matter is converted to antimatter, the illusion of time-space continuum is generated at the innerspace of the Oversoul.
  • The illusion of time-space continuum is then projected along the almost infinite number of spokes of the wheel and onto the SELVES experiencing different realities on many parallel timelines of the Omni Earth.
  • Actually, time and space are the aspects of the same phenomenon.

time-space are related - new

  • Time is congealed space and is equal to the inverse of space.
  • The time-space continuum behaves as a program server, analogous to computer software, projecting these realities upon the SELVES.

Time-Space Continuum - new

  • In this respect, the hub is actually a hologram, and therefore, carries no “space” as space is conceived of in the third dimension.
  • Consciousness is imparted from a point, the innerspace of the Oversoul, as a stroboscopic coherent Light.

Consciousness Unit, Light Quotient, and Natural Frequency of Vibration

  • The periodic nature of the flashing Light as well as our ‘flashing consciousness’ exemplifies a periodic, oscillatory phenomenon very much analogous to the vibration of sound or any other vibratory/oscillatory system.

Nature of Light

  • For this reason the units of consciousness can be quantified or defined as the ‘natural frequency of vibration,’ alternatively abbreviated as ‘vibration rate,’ ‘vibration frequency,’ or simply ‘frequency.’
  • In essence, we vibrate ‘in’ and ‘out’ of universe at regular interval of time [period] equal to the Planck’s Number as theorized in quantum mechanics.

its all about frequency

  • The term “jumping” has also been used as to portray the same phenomenon.
  • Also, consciousness depicts knowledge and awareness, and as we said, shining of the Divine Light renders the same.

Divine Light 1

Divine Light 2 - coherent

Divine Light 3 - consciousness

  • Therefore, we can define consciousness unit as a parameter, which may be appropriately referred to as the ‘Light Quotient,’ the extent or the capability of having ‘Light’ shining through us.

Light Quotient

  • The higher is the light quotient, the more Light is captured and ‘illuminates’ within.
  • And, Light is consciousness.
  • Simultaneously, the higher the light quotient, the less is the ‘Dark Period,’ and consequently, the higher is consciousness.
  • The reduction in the ‘Dark Period,’ is achieved when the Light is projected with a higher frequency, i.e., with a more pronounced flashing characteristic, which culminates in longer overall time of illumination and less cumulative ‘Dark Period.’
  • And, this is achieved by more attunement to the Source, the Light, the ALL MIGHTY Godhead, and experiencing less Separation.
  • To revert back to the phenomenon of consciousness and its applicability to Light or Dark and its quantification through defining ‘natural’ frequency of vibration, let us go back to the very significance of the ‘natural vibration frequency parameter.’
  • In ‘Mechanics,’ and ‘Theory of Vibration,’ natural frequency is quantified as being proportional to the inverse square root of ‘mass.’
  • Mass ‘constitutes’ the degree of compaction of ‘matter.’
  • For those who are more familiar or comfortable with ‘weight,’ mass equals weight divided by gravitational constant for Earth, or the ‘Acceleration due to Gravity,’ which is equal to roughly 32.17 foot per second per second, or alternatively, 9.81 meters per second per second on Earth.
  • Obviously, more weight represents more mass, and in turn, more compaction or ‘density.’
  • And, more density signifies the extent to which the particles of matter are close to one another; giving less ‘porosity,’ which in turn, means fewer voids between them.
  • The less porous, the less light can get in, and in this sense, the Darker is within.
  • Thus, the denser [more compacted or heavier] the matter, the lower the Light Quotient.
  • Alternatively, more weight is synonymous to a much lower natural frequencies [natural frequency is proportional to the inverse of the square root of weight [or mass or density, depending whichever parameter is considered].
  • Thus, again, the denser [more mass or heavier] the matter, the lower is its natural frequency of vibration.
  • Therefore, higher Light Quotient insinuates higher natural frequency, and higher consciousness.

The Holographic Nature of Consciousness

  • It has already been emphasized that the process of consciousness gain or inception entails fragmentation of Oversoul into Souls with smaller units of consciousness.
  • The question arises as to the correlation of units of consciousness with the inherent characteristics of consciousness, i.e., its intrinsic quality for advancement, and indeed, its potentials to access the knowledge buried within.
  • Undoubtedly, more units of consciousness means more awareness, knowledge, intelligence, so worth; but does less conscious mean diminished aptitude? Certainly Not.
  • Clearly, when we share consciousness, our own does not get depleted.
  • The same is true with regard to Soul Fragmentation.
  • All the fragmented Souls, the SELVES have the same inherent qualities and wealth of information as the Soul.
  • Similarly, just because the Godhead imploded His/Her consciousness upon us and, indeed, ALL, it does not mean that the Source is exhausted from HIS/HER mega consciousness.
  • This means that whether to observe a Mega Source of Consciousness, or a small constituent of that, the result is the same.
  • We, are, indeed, “created in the Image of our Creator.”
  • We are ALL part of the ALL.
  • We are ALL intrinsically connected.
  • To look at one is to look at ALL, as one is, indeed, the One.
  • This is all to say that we are ALL holographic.
  • The phenomenon of Soul is holographic.
  • Therefore, there should not be any confusion or ambiguity when we are told that “We are all “Gods,” or “We are all connected,” or “We are all One.”

The Problem with too much ‘Individuality’

  • It is true that we all have individuality.
  • However, this has been a deterrent and not a commodity for us.
  • Most of the time, humanity has too much individuality, which makes true communication quite difficult or even impossible.
  • Individuals are subject to their own interpretation, their own FEAR, doubt, distrust, Karma, Victim Consciousness, etc. which do not resonate with another.

egotism - primary effects

egotism - secondary effects

  • Hence, the bond of love and compassion becomes shattered leading to conflict, revenge, even war.
  • This occurs because of ‘too much individuality,’ and less ‘connection to the Source.’
  • It is ‘Separation’ from the Source, from Our SELVES that is the culprit; yet we are in slumber; and we have a ‘Chip on the Shoulder,’ or more exactly, we have ‘Inferiority Complex’ to be able to recognize this.
  • The answer is Self-reflection, and meditation.

Meditation and consciousness 2

Useful Tips

  • Before meditation, we need to learn, through discipline, to remain ‘Calm and Collected,’ as chatter of the conscious mind is futile.
  • To prevent chatter we must ‘turn off’ the radio of our mind and stop listening to the ‘ego.’
  • We must remain positive, and think that ‘We are better than this,’ and that ‘We deserve better.’
  • Start believing in your divinity.

You are of Family of Light

  • Begin loving your SELF, without any interference from the ‘ego.’

egotism - separatism

  • Once at one brink of a moment you reach WITHIN and ‘See’ and ‘Feel’ your connection to God, to the One, to the Source, to the Collective, your entire perspective on ‘life,’ ‘reality,’ ‘your SELF’ and everything around you begin to change.

I AM Spirit and WITHIN

  • You begin to awaken from a long sleep, from slumber.

Divine Mission to Awaken

  • You begin to activate and re-crystallize your Etheric and Physical SELVES.
  • Clear thoughts and emotions start to flow in and entice and inspire you further.
  • You begin to connect and get attuned as you should have been all along.
  • The feeling of numbness, atrophy subsides.
  • You become invigorated and want to live more and more.
  • Three-dimensionality will not be your ideal sojourn.

You are of the Earth - Duality decreasing

  • You have done that over and over.
  • Although, you even begin to love your 3-D aspect more.
  • The anxieties, fears, anger, all subside, as nothing matters.
  • You become attuned with the true reality and purpose of your existence.
  • You feel enlightened and get so much inspired on a daily basis that you literally lose the sense of time and want to ‘Create’ perpetually as if time no longer matters.

You create your reality - Powerful Creator

  • At times you are pulled back in 3-D, and think of ‘Agenda,’ ‘Deadline,’ and such, as you want to produce and produce, and this becomes frustrating.
  • The body cannot keep up with the mind, which is multidimensional, and now closely connected to the Higher dimensions of consciousness, YOUR essence and Being.
  • However, you get wiser and wiser every day.

Expansion of consciousness

  • You know so much concern for productivity is futile; it is quality and impeccability that matters.
  • You reach down inside, and try to find a trace of ego, as ‘it is so 3-D,’ and in many cases the driving force for productivity.
  • You remember that in the vernacular of 3-D, you were always a ‘martyr’ and a ‘rebel,’ and always subscribed to the notion of Self-satisfaction and Self-resolution motivated by unconditional commitments.
  • You recall, that your battles with ego were ‘won’ decades ago, and that he has been quite subservient to you for a long time.
  • Unsurprisingly, no matter how hard you try, you cannot find a trace of presence from ego WITHIN.
  • Even in your present state of utmost tranquility and serenity, you still ponder whether you can ‘do all you need to do’ before it is too late.
  • Again, your higher consciousness reminds you that ‘there is no linear time,’ and you are destined to do whatever you set out to do, no more and no less.
  • You realize your ‘Soul Contract’ shall be fulfilled, and you will be best utilized as YOU collectively planned to do prior to your incarnations on Earth.

Your Mission

  • Although you seem to be tethered to be a lightworker and help out with Ascension of Humanity, you realize, you are trying to go all out and do your utmost to do what you are doing.
  • In the midst of pondering you acknowledge that you are fatigued, not so much because of your efforts, rather because of the ascension symptom that is plaguing your Earth vessel.
  • You realize that any diminish in your ‘productivity’ is very much in concert with the ascension symptoms progressively escalating, leading to more difficulty sleeping, and excruciating bodily ache that resemble transnational phenomenon not unlike a child’s growth pains.

Expanded Consciousness in the Horizon

  • Attention needs to be focused on the inner SELF as to effect awakening from slumber.

DNA Awakening

  • Life is not accumulation, nor effervescence.
  • Form is a necessity in 3-D to serve as a temple to your Soul, nothing more.
  • Fascination with one’s physical body is futile.


  • You have 6 other ethereal bodies, each more sophisticated and magnificent than the physical body.
  • It is time to pay attention to these aspects of you, which although have existed as long as you have incarnated, they have remained a mystery to you.

Our 7 Distinct Bodies

  • Also you are multidimensional and not confined to Earth.
  • If not for anything else, just exploring these new territories, your 7 bodies, dimensions you reside, your divinity, your potential for Crystallinity, etc., must be adequate impetus for you to dispense with continuous captivation with your mere physical body, and discover YOUR real ‘SELF.’
  • Ascension is just around the corner.

Ascension Earth 2013-2313

  • Time, as you know it, is now limited.
  • There is so much to explore, so much to learn, so much to change, so much to get reacquainted with, and so much to accomplish.

boundless enlightenment and service

you now and in eternity





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