Be aware of greedy, utterly self-indulgent, self-proclaimed channellers, and fake “spiritual” teachers in this ‘New Age’ of pre-ascension, who resort to mass deception in order to only accumulate wealth and build empires, employing a cadre of similar phony “spiritual” followers whose only purpose is to market and promote them. Money and spirituality do not blend nor are symbiotic with one another. Archangels, deities, do not ‘deal.’ If you are paying around $40 for a paperback “book” plus exorbitant fee for shipping, especially for one that contains a collection of “channels” from your favorite archangel or deity, if you are demanded to pay several hundred dollars to attend a dog and pony show involving [or preying upon] others who are invited as no-cost speakers or presenters under the false pretense of “spirituality,” then you are being conned. If you were ever marketed to pay several thousands of dollars for “spiritual” trips to “activate,” by visiting so called vortexes, sacred sites or power nodes, as a result of fulfilling your spiritual clarion call, and then asked to pay additional absurd tips for employed hotel staff, bus drivers, and tour guides, meanwhile being charged late fees and/or interests for installments to be paid in advance, then you were and now are being swindled. If you are presented with absurdly high-priced gems, crystals, etc. which are particularly recommended by your archangels, etc. to give you spiritual salvation, if you were ever presented with a pathetic charade of encountering an archangel, etc., who exclusively ‘deals’ with your channeller, presumably directing this ‘specially privileged’ individual to copyright the “divine” channels and publishing them in costly books, know that you are being tricked and cheated. Finally, if your “spiritual leader” changes its name to something that is presumably indigenous to a distant planet or galaxy that is divine or is associated with a higher dimensional realm, know that you are being defrauded.

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