Papers on Soul and Reincarnation


  1. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., Reincarnation  Multidimensional-
  2. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., Saying NO to Reincarnation is your only Ticket out of the 3-D Duality Matrix  Spiritual Science 101,
  3. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., “The Reality of Reincarnation,” Spiritual Science 101,
  4. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., Physical Death and Afterlife: the Astral Plane, Summerland [Purgatory], and the Onset of Reincarnation or Ascension  Spiritual Science 101, 
  5. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.,  The Etheric Soul, Incarnation and Preparation for Afterlife  Spiritual Science 101, 
  6. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., On the Question of Immortality versus Polarity Reversal  Multidimensional Consciousness,

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