Parallel and Alternate Dimensions, the NOW, and the Holographic Nature of Time and Space by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is explicated that human brain functions as ‘radio’ capable of projecting thought and emotional frequencies that may be categorized to operate on two distinct bands: the low frequency band [similar to the AM band] and the high frequency band [analogous to the FM band]. The low frequency band concentrates on the affairs indigenous to the physical time-space continuum that are spearheaded by the active [physical] conscious mind that are piloted by the ‘rational’ brain. This is referred to as the ‘ego mind’ that is focused on a single reality, the one we identify our SELF with, the life sojourns that we are currently consciously experiencing and experimenting with. The high frequency band, on the other hand, operates in a much broader sense through the sub-conscious mind, which is of ethereal nature, traversing other dimensions of reality that may be classified as ‘parallel’ or ‘alternate’ comprised of a multitude of consciousness states ordinarily not perceived by the physical brain. It is clarified that such parallel or alternate continuums of time and space are just as ‘real’ as the one we actively perceive by our ‘logical’ brain. In fact, we traverse and experience these dimensions of consciousness every night in dream state, when we are able to ‘turn off’ our physical consciousness and switch on our sub-conscious mind. These dimensional realities or alternate continuums of time and space are part of the holographic software programs of consciousness that run simultaneously with the one in our physical reality in what is referred to as the NOW moment. It is elucidated that we are all each part of a family of ‘soul aspects’ that are governed by a central higher dimensional consciousness named as our HIGHERSELF or soul. And, although the central soul or our HIGHERSELF is simultaneously conscious of all our life sojourns in all the parallel and alternate continuums of time and space, we purposefully remain unaware of our other concurrent ‘soul aspects’ in the interest of obtaining objective and unbiased life experiences. This condition also suits our limited capacity as biological entities to  process all our life experience data due to our low light quotient-natural frequency.  And, once our natural frequency is uplifted as to meet the threshold required for obtaining ‘full consciousness,’ we come to the realization that we have the power to enter any hologram of time and space and willfully improvise and live our lives based upon any historical character reflected in the ‘Akashic Records’ that we wish [e.g. Mozart, Da Vinci, Tesla, etc.].  This way, we can go in the ‘past’ and create new parallel timelines from then on, adding to the repertory of already existing Akashic Records. In this regard, the distinction among past, present, and future become ambiguous at best, with all transpiring within the same moment of ‘NOW.’

Brain and Consciousness

  • The human brain functions analogously as a ‘radio’ receiver that operates on at least two distinct bands of frequency.5000 thoughts a day
  • Until the ego, the physical aspect of SELF, experiences the event, it is only one of all other probable ones.Outer Consciousness
  • The personality ego perceives and focuses on a single reality, a single sojourn from all of the probable ones.Inner and Outer Consciousness
  • This, indeed, has its own purpose.Time-Space and Brain and mind
  • The ego-personality, can be considered to function in the simpler [analogous to AM] band, and the subconscious or Divine-Mind, is tuned to function into a broader [analogous to FM] band.
  • A portion of the brain, the subconscious [HIGHERSELF], can and does experience reality in an entirely different fashion than does the ego-personality [the physical conscious] brain.brain as a hologram
  • From this perspective, the integral HIGHERSELF is fully aware of all other dimensions, potential probabilities, and realities than the one experienced by the frontal brain aspect of the personality physical base or ego SELF.
  • In the AM analogy, one is tuned to only one station, and with a purpose.
  • This may be termed as ‘life lesson,’ which indeed, is a part of our evolutionary process.
  • Learning to access the infinity of the higher mind comes only after learning to willfully create with the ego mind.
  • And when we do access the universal mind, we realize that we always had this power to begin with.Inner Consciousness
  • We experience life sojourns multidimensionally within the ‘parallels’ beyond our perceived physical SELF existing in this rather narrow physical reality.
  • The myriad of all our other parallels are, indeed, equally or more experientially beneficial for our ‘soul growth.’
  • These all occur simultaneously in ‘other’ dimensions of parallel reality that we call our ‘other’ lifetimes.Omniverse
  • There are potentially an infinite number of parallel systems and universes that are ‘physical’ and ‘actual’ systems of matter and antimatter.
  • Using only our currently limited physical senses we can never perceive these other ‘universes.’stimuli
  • Yet, probable events and parallels constitute authentic experiences, even if we cannot or do not perceive them with our current physical senses.
  • In these other systems of reality, each of us has other ‘SELVES’ not identical to the one we currently perceive, but as different constituent aspects of our soul, developing abilities in a different way than we are in this physical reality, ever contributing to our soul expansion in consciousness.
  • We, indeed, often experience parallel worlds in our dreams, in a conscious manner, yet these experiences cannot be discerned in our narrow [AM] band of the conscious ego mind.
  • Yet these can be brought into awareness in the frontal mind, through concerted, disciplined, efforts regarding development of our inner senses.
  • There are various disciplines that have taught these techniques through various schools of wisdom such as the ‘Shamanic Journey’ or meditative ‘Out of Body Experience [OBE].’
  • These are quite as real and educational as what we term our physical system.
  • However, great efforts and focus is needed in order to develop these skills.
  • There are as many universes as we can imagine.
  • There are as many systems of reality, as we can ‘believe.’
  • And, everything exists because it has been thought of.
  • It is the nature of our expansive matrix to create as many universes as parallels as we need.
  • Universes are the fabrics that we eternally weave in conscious creation.
  • And, there are no limitations, with regards to their creation.


The Holographic Nature of Time and Space

  • We are currently experiencing a unique sojourn within our space-time continuum.
  • And, if done correctly, it can lead to a quantum leap in our consciousness.Aquarian Ionic Influx and Parallel Dimensions
  • We constantly recreate ourselves.
  • The ‘All that we are’ in the NOW moment, is quite different from the ‘All that we were’ yesterday and from the ‘All that we will be,’ tomorrow.NOW Moment
  • Consciousness is a creational process.Aligning with the NOW
  • It has no beginning and no end.
  • Space and time describe our perception of reality not unlike a computer software that employs thought forms and emotions as its operating commands, with ‘time’ representing the sequence of events taking place giving them the illusion of a linear flow.Linear Time is 3D Illusion
  • Imagine each lifetime sojourns as a movie, made up of individual static frames created in light, which when played sequentially with a sufficient speed, gives the appearance of a dynamic flow or ‘animation.’we live in a movie
  • Each particular frame is unique and separately generated in light, but becomes ‘alive’ through progression in light.
  • The HIGHERSELF, as an observer, has the capability to edit, play back, or fast forward to any part of the film describing a lifetime saga, and, reject it, relive it, or modify it.The universe as a conscious hologram revised
  • The pulses of consciousness are emitted outside of a particular time-space continuum.
  • They behave as an outside observer.
  • They are not of this or any other dimensional continuum of time and space.
  • Therefore, they are not subject to the constraints of the third-dimensional time and space such as our current theories of time space continuum or theory of ‘relativity.’
  • Consciousness units can progress forward or backward in time at speeds far greater than the velocity of light.
  • Our consciousness can pulse ‘in’ and ‘out’ in ‘real time,’ simultaneously co-existing frames within a particular continuum of time and space that may considered as our ‘past,’ ‘present’ or ‘future.’
  • Our aura serves as a containment for receiving and storing the conscious units of coherent light.
  • It interfaces with our physical-etheric chakras that, in essence, serve as particle accelerators of thought and emotion forms existing in matter-antimatter.
  • The consciousness particulate units of light constantly enter and exit the conical vortices of our chakras in an ‘in’ and ‘out’ flashing sequence of light, giving rise to antimatter to matter conversion and vice versa.
  • The chakras, in essence, are black and white holes that constantly convert the stale matter-based electromagnetic energies into vital antimatter-originated energies of light and vice versa.
  • This is, in fact, the breathing ‘in’ and exhaling ‘out’ of light-based energies that constantly traverse us from the matter in the physical to antimatter in the parallel dimensions of our realities and vice versa, in a continuous non-interrupting cyclic process that is conservative and without any energy dissipation.
  • And, once the breathing stops within a certain continuum of time and space indigenous to that particular dimension of reality, the connection of that aspect of soul becomes severed, giving rise to what is commonly referred to as “death” in that continuum.
  • Note that breathing occurs as a result of the ‘beating’ of the heart at frequencies that closely match the particular resonant frequency of the time-space continuum in question.Time-Space Continuum - new 1
  • When “death” occurs through seizure or stopping of the heart pumping the vital oxygen, a byproduct of the light energetics around the body, the process of breathing and exchange of matter to antimatter and vice versa also seizes to continue.
  • The ongoing insertion and discharge of consciousness energy units is, indeed, the very process through which we experience life through the purposeful ‘illusion’ of existence of sequential or consecutive time.
  • Indeed, our lifetimes can move forward as well as and backward in ‘time.’
  • For example, we may vibrate in the 5th dimension in one sequence of ‘time’ with a consciousness [frequency or light quotient] that is much higher [thousands of years more advanced] than our present third dimensional existence.5th Dimensional Time and the NOW
  • And, next, we can for example, sequentially jump into a third dimension that is less evolved than our present dimension.
  • This is analogous to what is commonly referred to as “the holographic universe” in the vernacular of continuum mechanics.we live in a hologram
  • By means of the ‘timeless’ holographic inserts into the software matrix of time and space, it is possible to ‘re-live’ a particular paradigm of reality by either going forward or backward in ‘time.’we live in a hologram 2
  • In fact, as was indicated previously, a HIGHERSELF as an outside observer, can fast forward or rewind to any portion of previously-experienced life saga, and enter that particular time and space in order to change any details from that reality existing in the Akashic Records.The Grand Hologram
  • Such an action does not create any paradox or ambiguity in the ‘history’ of a time-space continuum other than it creates a new timeline, one that in terms of sequential time has a commonality with the ‘past’ experience, yet creates a new account of events for the Akashic Records.Holographic multidimensionality 2
  • One can embark on a lifetime sojourn that is ‘loosely’ based upon a template extracted from the Akashic Records.we live in a hologram 3
  • For example, you can live a lifetime as Gandhi.
  • This is not to say as the Gandhi as documented in the Akashic Records, but as a personality whose life is piloted by your Will Power to manipulate divine energies as thought and emotion forms to manifest a particular outcome [based upon life of Gandhi].
  • Since you are the pilot, the scripter of your reality [this particular one among all other realities you are participating in], you can improvise as to change certain details by Will Power, leading to either a refinement or a degradation in consciousness when compared to the one in the Akashic Records.
  • In either case, it is a ‘new’ experience for you, one that entails new lessons and experimentation.
  • Recall that once you are experiencing a particular lifetime sojourns in a certain time-space continuum as a soul aspect, you are not fully conscious of the intent and missions of your HIGHERSELF.
  • Neither, you are privy to know of any future outcome while you are participating as a soul aspect within that particular paradigm of dimensional reality.
  • You are, therefore, like an actor in a ‘live’ play guided with a script [your resolve or intent] to make a performance in ‘real time.’
  • You improvise and you give the character ‘life’ and ‘personality.’
  • But the quality of the performance, the portrayal of the particular role you are playing, is totally determined by YOU.
  • And, no two performances are identical, not even, if you went back in time and relived the same lifetime sojourns.
  • In this respect, one can ‘be’ any one in a certain lifetime, within a particular parallel.
  • In fact, many soul aspects may choose to be a Gandhi in a particular lifetime.
  • Therefore, a particular lifetime within a time-space continuum or parallel, can represents the past or the future.
  • In this respect, indeed, there is no time.
  • This way, time could simply be defined as a measure of the sequential progression of an event, a saga, or a sojourn after another.
  • The same is true of the particular version of a ‘history’ that presently we have inserted into the holographic experience.
  • It is but one of many potentials, that reveals something about us.
  • When we become adept enough to effectively employ or manipulate the conscious units, which represent the flashing pulse of creation, we will be able to consciously journey within any time-space continuum, exploring the full breadth, depth, and height of its probabilities.
  • We must currently focus on how to grasp the everlasting energies that are at our disposal NOW, and indeed, strive on their utilization to effect creational endeavors that will be worthy of entry into the all-time Akashic Records.
  • There are tools available to us that we do not yet recognize or utilize.
  • It is time to activate our crystallinity.becoming crystalline revised
  • Indeed, the crystalline form is more capable of containing the magnanimity of these divine energies, and indeed, a great facilitator for merging the frontal mind into the much wider harmonic frequencial realm of the ‘God Mind.’
  • The crystalline form, is a sacred geometric molecular pattern that can tune the human energy field harmonically to myriads of dimensional fields more effectively, reducing the ‘darkening period’ that epitomizes the voids that exist between sequential consciousness flashes of consciousness.
  • Consciousness and its flashing nature, indeed, offer holographic opportunities for mankind for evolution and growth through experimentation and learning the myriads of probabilities that can lead to consciousness expansion.
  • We are all fragments of the divine ALL MIGHTY, the Prime Creator, and indeed, privy to create ‘All that will come to be.’

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